Marrakech guided sightseeing , tour where you will Discover the city of Marrakech, in this enlightening half a  day tour, Immerse yourself into the history, art and culture of this magnificent walled pink city. Photograph the magnificent Koutoubia mosque with its great square tower and shining copper globes, Stroll along the bustling alleyways and see the mosques, traditional bakeries, old lodging houses and fountains carved of wood.

 Visit the Medrassa ben Yousef as one of the largest theological college in north Africa. Walk through the alleys of the Medina ,and visit the most interesting handicrafts quarters , see an enchanting display of arts and crafts in the colorful souks before you relive the atmosphere of a glorious age in the exquisite rooms. By the way Marrakech is an ideal starting points of many marrakech day trips and sahara desert tous.

Mederasa Ben Youssef

As its name suggest in Arabic language, school. Mederasa ben Youssef was built during the Almoravid dynasty by the Mirinid sultan Abu lhasan. For its religious sensation, the school has been restored and by other successors such as the Saadian ones. At that time, it had 130 dormitory cells for students. The Mederasa is an example of the beautifully hand made ceramic tiles and plaster that you will see on your visit.

NB: the Mederasa is temporarily closed for some renovations.

The Bahia palace

The most interesting to be seen in Marrakech red city is Bahia palace. The must-see palace was built by Si Moussa in the 1860 as a commemorate to his beautiful wife Bahia. The palace is designed to the Hareems of the ruler and later become a place for the French guests in the protectorate French era by the Pacha Elglaoui.

The ntry has an arch and through the arch you will be astonished by the quality of work as well as the stunning gardens in the middle of the palace.

Saadiaen tombs

The sultan Ahmed Almansour  Addahbi  didn’t allow himself and his close family members to be buried in ordinary sites. Hence, the saadian tombs were built in the 15 century and they were later discovered by the French in 1917. Saddian tombs are one of Marrakechr’s best attractions for visitors around the globe.

Koutoubia mosque

it’s the largest mosque in Marrakech and was built in the 12 century by the Almohad dynasty, the minaret is 70 meters high.  Outside of the mosque, our guide will explain to you about the mosque and islam in general.

At the end of your half day tour, your guide will take you back to the famous Jamaa lfna square and enjoy the scenery of the place.

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